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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy by coupon4dealz.com (http://www.coupon4dealz.com/) states the right of the mentioned earlier website to collect, use and disclose the visitorís personal information as they deem fit. By continuing to use this website or using it ensures us that you have read and understood the policy and are aware of our right to use your information according to the terms mentioned in this privacy policy.
Collection of Your Information:
The collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which is directly related to you and can help in tracing and identifying your identity, includes your name, address, phone number, email address and zip code. The collection of Non-Identifiable Information which is not directly linked with you or cannot help in tracing your identity includes your browser data, postal code, local time zone, language, referring site, geolocation, device identifier, etc. The collection of your choices and preferences when you visit any store or use or redeem any coupon when navigating through our website. The collection of information through which you are referred to other websites such as referral links behind the coupons. Information shared with us about any other individual by the user however, it is assumed that it is shared with the consent of the given individual.
Usage of your Personal Information:
The usage of your personal information is laid out in this Privacy Policy or on any other pages of the website where we inform the user how we will use your shared information. It could be used for Administrative purposes such as to give you a more personalized experience of our website based on your location, choices, etc. Also, it could be used to make navigation of our website easier for you. It could be used to contact you about new offers or to send you newsletter. Also, to inform you about new updates or to answer your query or feedback. It could be used to deal with complaints made by you such as asking you for more information. Also, to notify you if a complaint has been made against you by any other user or staff member, etc. It could be used to thwart any spam or fraudulent activities. It will help us in strengthening our information and data base so that we can take actions based on the situation. When you submit or send us a query which has your information, it is considered as a formal consent to use your personal information according to our policy. We shall not share any information about you or anyone linked with you with anyone else without your formal consent.
Disclosure of your information:
The information about you will only be disclosed to a small number of our staff who will be directly liable to use this information or for the storage of this information. They will be under contract by the law not to disclose this personal information with anyone else and if they do there will be legal consequences against them. Under judicial circumstances directly against you or linked with you, we might be able to disclose your information but this will be done with or without your express permission as the law will deem fit. At times when our security is under threat or due to any other serious security reasons we might be able to disclose your personal information. We might share your information with third-party websites who are directly or indirectly linked with you at times of issues.
Security of your Information:
We will take security measures as to protect your website. Your information therefore, will only be shared with a minimal number of employees for the sake of preserving your privacy. Your information will be kept under protection against hackers or viruses in firewall protection. It should be noted that any information on Internet or sent via Internet is generally unsafe and so 100% guarantee of the safety of the information cannot be granted.
Amendments to the Privacy Policy:
We will update this policy and make changes in the terms without giving any prior notice. It is advisable to keep checking the policy for new updates or any new information which we have shared. Certain major changes in the privacy policy will result in us sending you an email as a notification to check the new updated version of the Policy.
Third Party Websites:
You will be referred to other websites via links and coupons present on our webpages. It is again advisable for you to check the Privacy terms of the third party websites you are being referred to so that you are well aware of their policies. We would also like to inform you that we are not liable for the information or use of your information on Third party policy websites.
Cookies and other technological devices:
Our website coupon4dealz.com uses cookies.
A cookie is a small data file which is downloaded automatically on the server of the user. It stores certain information of the user. It should be noted that the information collected through cookies is non-identifiable information which cannot help in tracing your identity. We use both persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored in your browser for a longer period of time such as 30 days. However, session cookies are stored for less time and are deleted when you close your browser. The information on these cookies helps us to remember you as a returning visitor and thus, we will be able to show you information based on your earlier choices. You may disable the cookies at any time but it will result in poor navigation of our website.

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